Hydrangeas; a jewel in any garden, yet by no means limited to this role. Hydrangeas can be the stars of striking bouquets! This is why, in the month of August, the stylish Hydrangea takes centre stage as flower of the month in flowercouncil.co.uk‘s promotion efforts.

flowers to inspire

Hydrangeas are hard to miss. Indeed, it would be a shame if you did! This gorgeous flower comes in a number of exciting shapes and sizes, in single and double-flowered options, with large round pom-pom flowerheads or flat flowerheads that have small flowers surrounded by outer rings of larger flowers – or with conical panicles in yet other varieties. There is an impressive number of options to choose from. Hydrangeas also come in many different colours. During the first half of the year, there are several shades of red, pink, purple, white, green and blue. Then, over the course of the year, those colours can further develop into exciting blends of green, deep red or brown.

Did you know that in Japan, Hydrangeas had a completely different role besides being beautiful? The flowers were actually used as a sweetener. When chewed, the initially bitter taste of the flower changes to reveal a certain sweetness. In Japan, Hydrangeas were also used to drive out evil spirits.

Do you want to use Hydrangeas in a bouquet and bring out their full potential? The right decoration greens will highlight their best features. We have picked three interesting matches for you to speed up the selection process.

desert dweller

The first match for our lovely Hydrangea is the succulent Echeveria. You may be more familiar with Echeveria as a house plant, but it also makes for a striking addition to any bouquet.

Our exotic plants section features a number of Echeveria varieties: it is a plant that comes in plenty of shapes, colours and sizes. Large, small, a greyish green or lilac shade, smooth, velvety or tough; Echeveria will not disappoint. One thing all varieties have in common is that the plant uses its leaves to store water, which allows it to survive droughts. After all, it’s a desert dweller originally and this would not have been a mere luxury. Nowadays, though, we simply get our Echeveria from the Netherlands.

whimsical, yet locally sourced

It’s like there is no end to our praises of the humble Asparagus. But Asparagus leaves and Hydrangeas do make a beautiful pair.

There are many different types of Asparagus available. One interesting option is the Asparagus Plumosus, a variety with a soft feather-like appearance. The deep green hue contrasts the bright Hydrangea beautifully.

out of africa

Silver Brunia are one of many ‘Cape Greens’, a collective name for the many species of ornamental foliage that originate from the area around Cape Town, South Africa.

Silver Brunia’s round silver berries bring a spark of elegance to every bouquet. The silver matched with white Hydrangeas creates a stylish twinkle, and that’s just one example. As silver tends to stand for elegance, Silver Brunia is a popular greenery choice for weddings. And since Hydrangeas are often featured as well, we think we found a match made in heaven.

Published on: 31 August 2017