Decorative greens are currently very on-trend. ‘Greenery’ was even Pantone’s choice for 2017 colour of the year. Botanicals and foliage are ever more present in our interiors. And they are a welcome guest at weddings too.

When we think of styling a wedding, flowers are among the first things that spring to mind. But decoration greens can also add an elegant touch to any wedding. Not only can greenery make or break a bouquet; let’s not forget how it can impact the decor of the wedding venue, too. What is great about the greenery trend is that decoration greens can feature just about anywhere: cover a gazebo in lush greens, decorate tables, hairstyles or name badges – you can’t go wrong.

Looking for some inspiration on how to use decoration greens in your wedding? We would love to present some ideas.

writing on leaves

As seen on Pinterest and Instagram: why not write on leaves for decoration? Whether you go with a large Monstera leaf or a group of smaller leaves, Sakura’s Pen-Touch allows you to personalise greenery with your very own texts and lettering.

You could decorate a wall with an assortment of large leaves, and write your favourite quotes onto them. Smaller leaves can be used as place cards: simply add your guests’ names in stylish hand lettering. Even the menu could be presented on a pretty piece of foliage.


Greenery by itself can be a striking minimalist addition to your decor. Branches stood in a vase, wrapped around a candle, laid on a dinner plate. A striking single branch can be an elegant addition to your room. And what is great about a minimalist decor is that it really needs very little to work – less is more, after all.

hairstyles with greenery decorations

We have all seen the wedding bouquets carried by brides and the corsages worn on the wrist. Of course, both can be a show of beautiful lush greenery. But had you given any thought to the bride’s hairstyle, and how decorative greens might feature there? A floral wreath, perhaps? Whether it’s an elaborate flower arrangement or a subtle sprig of eucalyptus, greenery is an excellent accessory that can go with almost any bride’s hairstyle. And let’s not forget about the bridesmaids!


Published on: 31 August 2017